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This is a collection of handy guides and how-to articles. If you can't see the list of subjects below, click the title of this article.

Step 3: Attach the tarp

Submitted by goatseeker on Wed, 11/15/2006 - 11:35pm. | | |

Now that you have inserted the cattle panels and tied them together with wire or cable ties, it's time to cover it with a heavy-duty tarp.

Try to use a tarp that is close in size - about 10' by 16'. Don't worry if it's too big, as you want it to overlap a bit.

In our example, we have a 10' by 20' tarp, so we'll be folding the long end up on one side.

We tie the tarp down with black UV-resistant cable ties. Pull the sides tight, and if possible, wrap the sides over the edge of the open part of the hut.

See the photos below for details.

Step 2: Insert cattle panels

Submitted by goatseeker on Wed, 11/15/2006 - 10:13pm. | | |

The next step is to insert two 16' cattle panels across the 10' area with each end of the panel inside the t-posts. Overlap each cattle panel approximately 6" at the center. This will result in a smooth arc approximately 5' high.

Step 1: Mark out your area and drive in stakes

Submitted by Mike on Wed, 11/15/2006 - 9:54pm. | | |

Start by marking out your area. In this case, we are building a quonset hut shelter for goats, so it doesn't need to be very tall. We'll mark off an area approximately about 8' across and 10' wide - the widest area will be the distance between the ends of the cattle panels.

I start by marking off a rectangular area approximately 10 feet wide by 8 feet across.

In our case, we will be mounting the hut against an existing field fence, so we will not need to drive in as many t-posts against that side of the hut.

How-to: Build a quonset hut shelter for goats and other animals

Submitted by goatseeker on Tue, 10/31/2006 - 7:51pm. | | | | |

This online book details materials and steps needed to build a simple, inexpensive quonset hut shelter for goats and other critters. Protect them from wind, rain, and other elements.)

Total assembly time: under 1.5 hours.

Parts and supplies needed:

  • Two 16' x 52" cattle panels (will provide an 8' by 10' shelter)
  • One heavy-duty tarp (Costco has a nice one for sale.) (dimensions forthcoming)
  • Three 6' t-posts, cut in half
  • Black heavy-duty UV resistant cable ties - 8" and 10" lengths

The pages that follow will detail the process of assembling the Quonset hut. We'll include detailed photos, as well.

Please note that the design presented herein is not intended for use in areas having any snow accumulation - if you expect any amount of snow, you will need to add some kind of bracing, or, choose a narrower layout which will create a higher, sharper peak that will allow the snow to slide off the roof.

How to add photos to your classified ad

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This tutorial will demonstrate the steps needed to add a photo to your classified ad.

While creating or editing your ad, select the "File attachments" section:

You will see the attachments panel expand:

You can then browse for an image file to upload. You can select any file on your computer, but we allow .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif files only at this time.

Once you select a file (or type or paste the file's path into the "Attach new file" text entry box) you can then click the "Attach" button. After clicking the "Attach" button, the file will be sent to goatseeker.com (you see a progress indicator, then the file will be listed in the attachments panel.)

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