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Scam artist took my name and info from this list. Seller beware!

Submitted by kristi on Thu, 12/07/2006 - 9:53am. | |

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This is a perfect Scam. The guy says he wants to buy my goat, has a check 'sent' (probably from his real account and worthless). You are supposed to deposit it the same day that you send HIM a GOOD check for real money. So, I would have gotten a 2000.00 check, turned around and sent 1700.00 (minus the cost of the goat... which I would still be stuck with, by the way) of my OWN money to 'the shipping agent'. The bank, who would deposit the check, but certainly not cash it, would have dinged me for the 2000 when the check bounced, and then I would also be out the 1700 that I would have sent to the guy (if I didn't know any better... but I do).

Please don't get caught in scams like this. Of course, I researched where he came from... and other information leads me to believe he is from a 'harvester' site -- where people harvest email addresses from the Internet and then either scam the users or sell the email addresses to someone else.

Beware. Call the bank that any check sent to you is written on to see if the funds exist. They will tell you whether or not it's any good. Don't hesitate to call the police department's cybercrimes division for information on folks like this. I do and I did.

Does this guy sound like a goat farmer to you? Common sense tells me no. He's just a scam artist.


Hello Kristi,

Thanks for the details you sent to me for the payment to be sent to for the payment of the AD.

Their is one of my client in the state who is owning me the sum of $2000 and he as promise to pay me back with check that i told you about and instead for him to send me the fund i now directed him to send the check to you so you can clear it remove the sum of your AD amount for it then send the remaining balance to my shipping agent that will be commin for their pickup at your location as promise.

confirm to me as soon as you have received the check for the payment of the AD so i can instruct my shipping agent to contact you for the shipping arrangement.

awaiting your quick response.



Mike terry wrote:


Thanks for getting back to me about the Approx. 75 percent Boer Buck for sale.I will be expectint the pictures of it ans the last price for it so we can proceed and beside I want you to confirm to me if you will accept check as mode of payment if so ,Get back to me soonest.



kristi sprinkle wrote:

Hi there. SOrry I didn't see this until today. 300 or best offer. We bought a pure bred buck and this one needs to go. I'll send a photo this evening (already at work).
He's a fine buck, no problems (ever!). Very gentle. We've had him since six months (when we bought the farm, so to speak).

Mike terry wrote:

Hello Seller,
I saw your advert on the net and am intrested in getting to know the whole details for it so get back to me if you care you wanna sell it out to me.
Kindly....Send me thing that are needed to be known about it like :

Picture and the early condition of the advert


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Submitted by Mike on Thu, 12/07/2006 - 11:29am.

This sounds like a classic scam, and if it is, it's an oldie!

Be careful, people, and never accept payment for an amount larger than the sales price of your items for sale - an never, ever do anything until the payment has cleared (even if it's a cashier's check or money order!)


Rule #1: if it sounds too good to be true, it is.