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How to add photos to your classified ad

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This tutorial will demonstrate the steps needed to add a photo to your classified ad.

While creating or editing your ad, select the "File attachments" section:

You will see the attachments panel expand:

You can then browse for an image file to upload. You can select any file on your computer, but we allow .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif files only at this time.

Once you select a file (or type or paste the file's path into the "Attach new file" text entry box) you can then click the "Attach" button. After clicking the "Attach" button, the file will be sent to goatseeker.com (you see a progress indicator, then the file will be listed in the attachments panel.)

(Note: the "List" box must be checked next to each attached image - otherwise, it will not appear in your ad. The "List" box will be checked by default, so you can just leave it alone and everything should work just fine.)

After you upload your image (or images) using the file attachments panel (and have entered a title, body, and location for the ad) you can then click the "Submit" button - and your ad will be created, with the photos listed below the ad.

Clicking on any photo thumbnail will display a full-size version of the image.