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Submitted by Teri on Fri, 10/06/2006 - 9:46am.

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Goats are naturally friendly and like plenty of attention. They love to have their necks scratched, shoulders rubbed, and sides petted.

For easier handling, a plastic choke-chain can be used as a collar to assist you in leading your goat. To avoid strangulation, the collar should be weak enough to allow the goat to break the chain if necessary. We use plastic chains available at most hardware stores.

Goat kids like to play by pushing with their heads. Do not allow them to push against you because when they grow up, pushing turns into butting. Teach your goats while they are young not to push or jump on you.

A goat protects itself by butting with its head. They butt heads with each other when they play or to determine which is stronger. Goats with horns can be dangerous to you and other goats and are known to get caught in fences and feeders.