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The American LaMancha is a breed of goat that was developed in the United States by crossing a short-eared Spanish goat with purebreds of the Swiss breeds.

The American LaMancha is a popular, sturdy animal with good temperament and personalities. Any color or combination of colors is acceptable with no preferences

The American LaMancha breed characteristics include a dished or straight nose; thick, fine, short hair; and small ears. The two types of LaMancha ears are “gopher” and “elf”. The “elf ear” can have a maximum length of two inches and the “gopher ear” can have a maximum length of one inch with little or no cartilage, and the end of the ear turned up or down in both types. Bucks can be registered with “gopher ear” only and there is no preference for does. The bucks have a full beard.

The American LaMancha is medium in size. Mature does should stand 28 inches or more at the withers and should not weigh less than 130 pounds. Mature bucks should stand 30 inches or more at the withers and not weigh less than 165 pounds.

The American LaMancha are well known for being a dependable milk producer with an average lactation yield of 1800 pounds of milk with a butterfat content of 4.0 percent.