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New Babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by bsch696 on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 9:44am.

my pygmy goats kidded! one doe had triplets(two black agouti does and one caramel buck) on Feb. 13 and the other had twin bucks(caramel and black agouti) on March 3! im so excited! they're so cute and sweet and look like little stuffed animals! i love to watch them play on their playground and then they get tired and fall asleep all in a bundle of black and tan fur. the does are such good mothers and i was surprised that the one that had triplets can feed them all! i thought that one would get rejected, but she has no problem caring for all of them. the triplets are so tame and friendly and and greet me when i go out to see them. the twins are a little shy, but im working on them! i just love pygmy goats!

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