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41 Magnum

Submitted by PapaLion on Tue, 07/15/2008 - 11:39am.

Just wanted to share a pic of 41 Magnum... he is in Yuma which is in SW Arizona and enjoying the warm days. I only have two Boer goats and am a new learner on them. Would enjoy hearing from anyone close to me.

Photo Ads

Submitted by dualwheelduchess on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 6:03pm.

If there is anyone out there that could help me add pictures to my classified ads, I would appreciate it very much. I save the images as .jpg and attempt to attach them, after loading a box appears that says an error has occured. Then my screen locks up. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
dualwheelduchess@yahoo.com email

New Babies!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by bsch696 on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 9:44am.

my pygmy goats kidded! one doe had triplets(two black agouti does and one caramel buck) on Feb. 13 and the other had twin bucks(caramel and black agouti) on March 3! im so excited! they're so cute and sweet and look like little stuffed animals! i love to watch them play on their playground and then they get tired and fall asleep all in a bundle of black and tan fur. the does are such good mothers and i was surprised that the one that had triplets can feed them all! i thought that one would get rejected, but she has no problem caring for all of them. the triplets are so tame and friendly and and greet me when i go out to see them. the twins are a little shy, but im working on them! i just love pygmy goats!

Scam artist took my name and info from this list. Seller beware!

Submitted by kristi on Thu, 12/07/2006 - 9:53am. | |

This is a perfect Scam. The guy says he wants to buy my goat, has a check 'sent' (probably from his real account and worthless). You are supposed to deposit it the same day that you send HIM a GOOD check for real money. So, I would have gotten a 2000.00 check, turned around and sent 1700.00 (minus the cost of the goat... which I would still be stuck with, by the way) of my OWN money to 'the shipping agent'. The bank, who would deposit the check, but certainly not cash it, would have dinged me for the 2000 when the check bounced, and then I would also be out the 1700 that I would have sent to the guy (if I didn't know any better... but I do).

Please don't get caught in scams like this. Of course, I researched where he came from... and other information leads me to believe he is from a 'harvester' site -- where people harvest email addresses from the Internet and then either scam the users or sell the email addresses to someone else.

Beware. Call the bank that any check sent to you is written on to see if the funds exist. They will tell you whether or not it's any good. Don't hesitate to call the police department's cybercrimes division for information on folks like this. I do and I did.

Internet Explorer layout bug fixed

Submitted by goatseeker on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 11:31pm.

I just fixed a strange problem with Internet Explorer browsers. When viewed on an 800x600 display, or if you resized the Internet Explorer window to a smaller width, the rightmost column (containing the Latest Classified Ads, Popular Classified Ads, Random Image, etc) would disappear (well, not really - it would drop to the left-hand side of the screen, below where the left-hand column normally sits -- so, you'd have to scroll down a long, long way to see the right-hand side's classified ad lists.)

This problem was not visible in FireFox or Mozilla.

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